Is Seattle Hot? The Simple Description

Remember when Seattle was really hot in the summer of 2009? Well, I do. And I thought it would be fun to build this website. It's very simple. If the temperature is above 80 degrees farenheit, it says: "Yes". If it's below that, it says: "No".

Seattle Hotness, The Technical Details

This is a pretty basic Python app that is built on top of the Google App Engine platform. I don't know Python very well, so it's a pretty mediocre code.

Every hour, I have a job that connects to the National Weather Service and get the current observations for Boeing Field. I store that data in the Google Distributed Datastore.

Anyway, the main page grabs the most current temperature and renders its judgment upon the hotness of Seattle.

About Adam Phillabaum

I like playing with new technologies, and think Google App Engine is pretty sweet. I think with a little bit more love, this whole "cloud computing" business could go somewhere. What else about me? As of this writing, I'm 27 and live in Seattle (Lower Queen Anne a.k.a. Uptown). I'm a Program Manager for PayScale -- the world's biggest salary survey.